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HOME Our WinesRed WineSyrah Barrique 2011 - SOLD OUT

Syrah Barrique 2011 - SOLD OUT

Syrah Barrique 2011 - SOLD OUT
Syrah du MondeSommelier Wine Award
Decanter World WineBalkan International

General Description
The Stobi Syrah Barrique is a fine example of this classic grape with its rich deep colour. It has appealing aromas of blackberry and raspberry with a twist of spice. It is vibrant and beautifully balanced with refined tannins and a long finish.
How to Serve the Wine
The Stobi Syrah Barrique is best served at 15-17°C. This wine is the perfect choice for roast red meats and stews, or with farmhouse cheeses.
Grape - Syrah
Style - Full bodied
Taste Guide - Dry
Storage Instructions
The Stobi Syrah Barrique is suitable for aging. Keep cool in a cellar for up to 5 years to improve with age.
The optimum temperature for storing Stobi Syrah Barrique is between 12-16°C (55 to 60°F). The bottles should also be stored on their side to keep the cork moist and prevent air from entering.
Alcohol by Volume - 13.5%
Bottle Size - 75cl
Suitable for - Vegetarians and Vegans
RRP - £14.99

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