About Signature Wines

Signature Wines represents only the most highly appointed and sought after wine brands in the industry, specialising in wines from the Eastern Mediterranean.

Signature Wines is passionate about exploring new wine regions, bringing exciting and undiscovered wines to the UK market, with a specific interest in the Balkan region.

Committed to investing in the right people, technology and support Signature promotes each brand as if it was their own all managed by a dedicated team of professionals and industry experts. Signature Wines, is dedicated to promoting the essence, purity and feeling of each brand added to their portfolio.

Signature are proud of what they do, and consistently strive to be the best; that’s their Mark of Distinction. They want their customers to consider them to be more than just a UK wine importer and distributor; they aim to be a partner retailers can rely on to supply the best wines from Eastern Europe.

Signature’s Philosophy

For a well-rounded and supportive approach to introducing new wines and indigenous varieties not yet explored by the UK market, Signature Wines has a philosophy to represent strong individual brands in addition to promoting each country’s wine industry as a whole. Specialising in importing wines from the Balkan region; Signature Wines not only brings exciting new tastes to the UK but also exports these premium wines to the rest of the World. 


Signature Global

Signature Wines is part of the Signature Global Group, a leading organisation encompassing a wide portfolio of businesses which operates from the UK and International offices. Signature represents only the most highly appointed and sought after brands and delivers a distinctly superior service tailored around the exacting requirements of each individual customer. Our market experience and expertise enables us to invest into products and brands with a strong identity that can offer potential growth in their chosen industry.

Vision and Strategy

Signature Wines appreciates traditional values adding a modern twist to the way they approach business. Stobi Winery and Signature Wines share similar values so working together to bring Stobi Wines to the UK market is a natural fit for good business. As the official Importers for the Stobi Winery, Signature Wines is proud to introduce this collection of leading premium wines from the Republic of Macedonia. This fresh collection of exciting new wines comes exclusively to the UK all packed with ancient history from an undiscovered wine region.

For quality affordable wine just follow the peacock!

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