Sitting Between the clear sunlight and endless vineyards, there lies the best kept secret of winemaking in the Tikveš Region…the Stobi Winery.

The Stobi Winery is surrounded by the remnants of the ancient town of Stobi, the largest and most famous archaeological site in the Republic of Macedonia dating back to 200 BC. This is the place that links the Mediterranean to the continental Balkan hinterlands, where countless Roman legions, crusading cavalries, Ottoman conquerors and World War armies have marched through the centuries. 

Today, this region of Macedonia represents the midpoint where the Old and the New World of wine meet in a blend of perfection. Located in an ultra-modern, urban building, the Stobi Winery is a proud witness to the ever-evolving wine traditions used in these regions all combined with modern cutting edge production techniques to produce wines of distinction. Signature Wines is proud to introduce this exciting new range of wines from the Stobi Winery into the UK and we welcome you to explore and discover new grape varieties from the yet-to-be discovered region of Tikveš, and the King of the Macedonia reds, the Vranec!

There are over 20 different grapes varieties grown in the Tikveš region, many indigenous, helping to produce wines like the Stobi Cuvée which offers an intriguing blend of local grapes R’kaciteli, Žilavka and Župljanka. Since this region also provides the perfect conditions to grow international grape varieties, we are also create a Rosé, Syrah and Petit Verdot Barrique alongside a single varietal Muscat Ottonel. Discover the taste of Macedonian Wine today and enjoy!

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The Tikveš Wine Region

The Tikveš wine region, is located in the very heart of Macedonia which stretches along the same latitudinal line as the Bordeaux wine region in France, the Tuscany wine region of Italy, and the Napa Valley wine region in the USA. The Mediterranean climate from the south collides with the Continental climate from the north creating the most remarkable grape growing and wine area on the entire Balkan Peninsula.

Ancient Macedonia

The Stobi vineyards are surrounded by a rich history and are located close to the remnants of the archaeological site which is considered by many to be the most famous in the Republic of Macedonia, the ancient civilisation of Stobi. Playing host to both the Roman and Ottoman empires and the homeland of Alexander the Great, the ruins of Stobi follow the route to the Danube and the Aegean Sea, where many Roman artefacts and mosaics can be found which are inspiration for the modern symbol for Stobi and their wine.

Award Winning Wines

Not only do we have great wines, but we also have award winning wines. Our Syrah Barrique gained the prestigious gold medal at the Balkan International Wine Competition 2014, a bronze medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2014 (DWWA) and a Bronze award in The Sommelier Wine Awards 2014 (SWA). Our Chardonnay has also won numerous awards including a silver medal at the Balkan International Wine Competition 2014 and a bronze medal at Decanter World Wine Competition 2014 (DWWA).

Director of Stobi Winery, Dane Jovanov said "This is a huge achievement for us, for our philosophy and approach in making wine - this speaks volumes for the quality of our wine."

Gold Medal Balkan Int. Wine Competition 2014 
Bronze Medal The Sommelier Wine Awards 2014
Bronze Medal DWW Awards 2014
Silver Medal Syrah du Monde 2013

Silver Medal Balkan Int. Wine Competition 2014 
Silver Medal 2011 & 2012 Chardonnay du Monde
Bronze Medal DWW Awards 2014

Silver Medal 2012 Balkan Wine Competition

Silver Medal 2011 Mundus Vin
Bronze Medal The Sommelier Wine Awards 2014

Bronze Medal The Sommelier Wine Awards 2014
Silver Medal Balkan Int. Wine Competition 2014

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Stobi’s team of experts are on hand to help guide you through the world of wine, and to introduce you to the range of Macedonian wines from the Stobi Winery new to the UK. 
Read Stobi’s news blog each month and stay up to date on the all wine industry news, get some great ideas on how to enjoy Stobi Wines and find out which foods they make great partners with. We will also inspire you with some great recipe ideas too.

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