Seasonal Game with Vranec Veritas

Posted on Tue 27th Sep 2016 at 10:36

To celebrate Stobi's Vranec Veritas Reserve being crowned best Vranec in Exotic Wine Travel's recent face-off video, for this month's food and wine blog we've selected a great recipe that pairs with it perfectly.

Those who watched the video will remember that the reviewer praised its aromas of game, its full body and its fruit flavours. All of these things mean that the Stobi Vranec Veritas Reserve pairs very well with game meats (although not just game meats, it's also pretty spectacular with things such as beef and lamb), many of which are just coming into season now. As we're almost at October 1st, the traditional start of the pheasant shooting season in the UK, we've selected an easy-to-cook pheasant recipe that will bring out the best in the bird whether you're an old hand or a novice when it comes to cooking game birds. Think of it as nothing more than a posh roast: pheasant with cider and bacon that's enlivened by a rich cream sauce flavoured with sage.

Although your family and friends won't realise, this is actually a one pot dish that's super easy to make, taking less than an hour to go from zero to yum. Don't forget to open the wine to breathe as soon as you've got the pheasants in the oven, and you can always have a glass while you're cooking just to reassure yourself that it really is the best Vranec around!

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