To love, honour and Soave - how drinking wine can help your marriage

Posted on Wed 21st Sep 2016 at 10:39

It might sound too good to be true, but according to a new study drinking wine can really help your marriage.

coupleAccording to findings published in the Journals of Gerontology, married couples stay together longer, and get on better, when both halves of the couple enjoy a drink. The study looks at 2,767 heterosexual couples in the Unites States, and measured responses about health and happiness over a lengthy period of time. On average, participants had been married for 33 years and only a third had been married more than once. The study found that, if both partners drank, they tended to report a happier marriage over time, whereas couples where only one person drank were less likely to be happy. In particular, women who didn't drink but whose husbands did were least happy in their marriages than any other group in the study. The second best option, after both partners drinking, was that both partners were tee-total - suggesting that opposites really don't attract in the long run. ‘The present findings stress the importance of considering the drinking status rather than the amount of alcohol consumed of both members of the couple when attempting to understand drinking and marital quality among older couples,’ wrote researchers in the Journal. We're not in the habit of dispensing relationship advice here at Stobi, but we reckon that this is good news for partners who feel guilty about wanting to join their loved one in having a glass of wine - it'll be better for your marriage if you give in to temptation! Pick up a Stobi wine from good wine independents or pop down to Waitrose or Wine RackSYRAH-waitrose

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