A Truly Macedonian Taste

The Vranec variety is a dense and violet colour, full bodied with brooding fruit and beautiful aromatics.

Indigenous to the Balkans, the Vranec (pronounced V-ran–etz) is the most important variety grown in Macedonia. This ancient grape variety is used in the production of premium wines and accounts for almost 50% of vineyards planted with red grapes.

The Taste of the Balkans

The Stobi winery has 200 hectares devoted to the Vranec grape which produces a red wine of unique character that we believe is the taste of the Balkans.

The deep dark berries are harvested by hand between September and October which are then gently crushed and fermented to produce complex aromas of chocolate, liquorice and black cherry.

The ripe tannins and fresh acidity provide structure while the rich texture envelops the senses.


A Superior Wine

The Stobi Vranec Veritas Reserve is made with lower yielding grapes of 8 tonnes per hectare. This means that before the vines bloom, most of the grapes are removed leaving the last cluster to mature without competition, allowing it to accumulate as many polyphenols, anthocyans and tannins as possible.

The wine produced is full bodied, deeper in colour, rich in extract with a fine tannic structure in a bottle that is ready to impress.

For quality affordable wine just follow the peacock!

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